Our tax and estate planning strategies aim to reduce your tax burden by pooling different taxes.

We will take full advantage of every opportunity that presents itself, e.g. tax credits, reductions, etc., in order to optimize the tax burden of our clients.

Our tax planning services cover both individual and corporate needs as well as direct, indirect and special taxation. At ETL GLOBAL NEXUM you will find highly qualified professionals who will offer you the best service at all times and will keep you abreast of any new developments that may affect you or your business.

From our offices we will advise you about and process documentation in the following areas:

  • Optimization of Income Tax: An exhaustive knowledge of the tax administration and its regulations can lead to considerable financial savings when the time comes to file income tax returns. Our clients will receive personalized advice that will allow them to optimize their income tax returns, thus achieving higher tax savings.
  • Preparation and Filing of Corporation Tax: We analyze your tax situation with respect to Corporation Tax, apply all possible bonuses and advise you on the corporate structure that best suits your needs. We are specialists in model 200 (Impuesto sobre sociedades) y el modelo 220 (Corporation Tax) and model 220 (Fiscal consolidation regime)
  • Wealth Tax (IPPF)
  • Tax on Individuals (IRPF) and IRNR: We analyze the tax obligations of the partners (whether workers or not) and propose the best tax structure to guarantee the lowest possible tax.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT): At ETL GLOBAL NEXUM we have personnel who specialize in quarterly VAT preparation. We advise you on planning strategies and tax notices appropriate to your particular circumstances. We advise you on your obligations and rights regarding VAT. We will find the most optimal solution in relation to VAT, especially as regards groups of companies and corporate restructuring.
  • Inheritance and Donations Tax: We help you plan the succession of your company, to reduce your tax burden. We will carry out financial studies so that you can know exactly what your financial obligations are when the time comes.

You may rest assured that our team of experts in tax advice will always guarantee you the best option.