Tax Law relates to taxation, which is dedicated to regularizing the relationship between the state and its public administration and citizens with respect to taxes (direct or indirect).

Common in this area of practice are tax inspections, tax fraud and everything concerning the crime of money laundering.

At ETL GLOBAL NEXUM we are committed to defining the most suitable strategy for your needs, always with the purpose of reducing your costs, whether Start-ups or fully established companies.

Through a full control of the client’s accounting, the corresponding tax assessments are carried out, whether at local, regional and national level; through the use of daily communication with the client, we can establish continuous control of the fiscal situation, in order to anticipate any risks that may arise.

We assist you in:

Direct and Indirect Taxation

Income Tax, Inheritance Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT, withholdings…

Investment Advice and Analysis

Buying and selling, NIE application, NIF, creation and management of companies

Transfer Prices

Drafting, documentation, justification and review of transfer pricing policies

International Taxation

Investment planning, Cash-flow optimization, organization of divestments, assistance and support in internationalization, tax returns, tax returns for foreigners

We offer our clients a complete service before the relevant Tax Authorities, referring to the claims procedures or inspections from them or to any legal actions that may arise. We will always watch over the interests of our clients.