The tax management of inspections and appeals is a function oriented to the application of taxes to both companies and individuals. This area covers procedures such as tax liquidation, tax inspections, collection or tax debts, appeals for reconsideration, etc.

In ETL NEXUM we provide the best tax and legal assistance in any procedure of verification of your accounts by the Tax Administration (AEAT).

From the most ordinary verification to the most complex tax inspection, we inform you in detail, with a clear and practical language, of all the possible consequences and alternatives. We represent you in all procedures, always looking for the best agreement and, if necessary, preparing and defending the most efficient appeals in the economic and contentious-administrative channels.

In our offices you will be able to find advice in:

  • Appeals to the Tax Authorities
  • Tax Inspection
  • Sanctioning procedures
  • Proceedings for review of administrative acts
  • Procedural resolutions in tax matters
  • Appeal for constitutional protection and appeal for annulment before the CJEU.
  • State patrimonial liability proceedings.

Our experts advise you and take care of all types of appeals (ordinary and extraordinary); our intervention includes the integral or partial management of these procedures facing all the phases with our own expert professionals trained for the extrajudicial and judicial management.

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