The Law of the Second Chance allows the write-off of the debts of individuals, freelancers and entrepreneurs in their personal capacity. This law, introduced in 2015, gives an opportunity to people in economic difficulties to start a new life without carrying the burden of old debts.

At ETL GLOBAL NEXUM we advise and accompany you throughout the process, whether it is extrajudicial or in bankruptcy, and we seek the best route through any acquired financial obligations.

  • Analysis of compliance of requirements.
  • Plurality of debts. Married and unmarried couples with joint debts.
  • Notification of insolvency declaration to all creditors. Banks, financing entities, communities of owners, suppliers, etc.
  • Process of liquidation of goods.
  • Non-payment of mortgage
  • Situations of unemployment, lack of sufficient income, past agreements that have not fixed the problem, non-recourse debt, etc.

In short, we assess your financial situation in order to solve the problem of insolvency due to lack of liquidity through Refinancing Agreements or Extrajudicial Payment Agreements, prior to the Insolvency, in application of the Second Chance Act to look for what it is known as the Benefit of Exemption of Unsatisfied Liability, (BEPI), that is to say, the cancellation of the debts with the objective of starting again from scratch.