We advise you in dealings with public administrations, state entities, and autonomous and local public sectors as well as with individuals and companies.

The main areas in which we can help you are:

  • Preventive advice in the form of issuing reports and preliminary studies, systems for resolving queries by email, etc.

  • Participation in negotiations

  • Advice on the preparation of contracts or offers

  • Monitoring and intervention in administrative procedures, such as reactive advice in the defense through administrative appeals and administrative disputes in the different areas of urban planning, public procurement, forced expropriation, public function, administrative organization and municipal law, public liability, subsidies, etc.

We offer a multidisciplinary and international integration and vision that allows us to provide global advice on aspects subject to private law such as real estate and construction law, commercial companies, among others.

The main subjects in which we offer our services:

We advise both individuals in their different positions as owners, developers or builders, as well as public entities in urban planning matters (planning, management, execution and discipline), preparing reports, opinions and due diligences, tasks for which we have the technical support, if necessary, of a network of collaborators.

Advice to contracting authorities, bidders and successful bidders. In the preparation phase, preparation of legal opinions on the application of contracting regulations, and drafting of contracting specifications, in the bidding phase, advice on the preparation of bids and challenges, in the execution phase, monitoring of the same and evaluation of measures to be implemented. Advice and intervention before contracting advisory bodies.

Advice to public and private entities (particularly in appraisals and valuations by mutual agreement), intervening in expropriation proceedings, agreements and reversion, before the Jury of expropriation and, where appropriate, in the contentious-administrative jurisdiction.

Prior study and advice on the legal regime applicable in the processes of creation, reorganization, coordination or modification of instrumental entities (autonomous bodies, public business entities, agencies, etc.) of the public sector, as well as in the regulation and management of their operation.

Advice to both administrations and individuals regarding public goods and services. In relation to public services, we advise administrations, concessionaires and service management companies throughout all phases of public tenders and execution.

Advice to public entities, applicants and beneficiaries throughout the process of grant processing, application and, if applicable, reimbursement.

Advice to the obligated subjects, which are both public entities and certain private entities, in relation to the scope and limits of the information that must be actively disclosed. Advice also to individuals and groups requesting public information in the exercise of their rights.

Legal advice to both public and private entities in the course of claims proceedings.

Defense of the interests of public and private clients in all phases of administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings at all levels, including challenges to general provisions.

Advice on the development of tools to strengthen integrity and prevent, contain and minimize corruption and support in the process of involving and sensitizing the members of the organization.

Advice on regulatory compliance and corporate social responsibility programs.

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