In the area of Litigation and Arbitration our lawyers defend both companies and professionals and workers in the conflicts that arise. Our team provides strategic advice covering all possibilities.

Our lawyersconduct an exhaustive study, so that they may appreciate the dimensions of the case and advise in the most appropriate way possible, adjusting to the needs of each client.

We have a large team of lawyers, endowed with a solid professional experience in the field of procedural law, offering excellent advice of a preventive nature or, in the case of going to court, establishing the appropriate procedural strategy in each case.

That is why, for deeper and more rigorous advice, we not only have procedural lawyers but also those ETL GLOBAL NEXUM lawyers that specialize in each area in which our clients may need assistance.

We assist you in:

Litigation in the civil area

Termination of civil contracts, breach of obligations, etc.

Commercial litigation

Company conflicts, contractual and extra-contractual responsibilities, conflicts related to agency contracts, appeals against resolutions of the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries, appeals at the Tax and Treasury Agency, company competitions, individual bankruptcy, claim of bankruptcy credits, etc.

Liability for medical malpractice.

Executive and declarative litigation.

Arbitration and enforcement

Of arbitral awards at the national and international level.

Appeals for the cancelation

Of Arbitral awards, especially in the field of Consumption.

Contentious-administrative litigation.

Criminal and Economic Law and Corporate Compliance programs

Socio-economic crimes, intellectual and industrial property.

Law of the second chance and contests

Extrajudicial claim

Claims for payment, collection management and conciliation acts.

Our team has extensive experience in arbitration proceedings and defense in Courts of Justice. In the same way, at ETL GLOBAL NEXUM we believe in preventive counseling and the exhaustive study of each case.