Labor law can be divided into two main areas of activity. On the one hand, the one that regulates all legal and economic relations between an employer and an employee. And secondly, the one that regulates the relationship of businessman and workers with state institutions.

ETL Nexum offers the following services, in the context of a global consultancy, thanks to our multidisciplinary team of lawyers and advisors led by labor specialist Ismael Cuello.

We will help you in:

Aspects and consequences derived from mergers, spin-offs and corporate takeovers. It is crucial to understand the consequences of the commercial and mercantile operations to be undertaken at the labor level. Our team will assist you to know exactly the repercussions of your decisions so that you can make the best decision possible.

Our lawyer Ismael Cuello is an expert in the representation and defense of issues related to labor law. The non-payments at work is a delicate and uncomfortable situation, for this reason our labor lawyers will advise, support and solve all aspects of these situations in a completely personalized way.

  • Claim of unpaid payrolls
  • Settlements
  • Claim for payment of overtime payments
  • Claim for extra hours
  • Claim for salary differences

The Workers’ Statute excludes a number of workers who are included in legal regimes other than the common regime. Since there are particularities in these regulations, it is in the employer’s interest to understand what they are and how they may affect you.

A trial for null or unfair dismissal is won or lost in the drafting of the letter of dismissal. It is useless to write a generic letter of dismissal, be it disciplinary, objective or collective, if on the day of the hearing we cannot defend our actions, even if we are right on our side. It is crucial to put yourself in the hands of a professional before proceeding to the dismissal of any worker, since the opportunity cost of not doing so can make a dismissal that might seem harmless much more expensive.

The process of applying for an incapacity for work is complex and requires a large amount of paperwork, so it is advisable to be advised by a specialist lawyer. ETL Nexum advises and manages each case in a personalized way.

  • Temporary disability
  • Permanent disability
  • Partial permanent disability
  • Total permanent disability
  • Absolute permanent disability
  • Great validity

We analyze, in the light of the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement and case law, the appropriateness and correctness of the company’s plans for the prevention of moral and sexual harassment and equality plans.

Labor Due Diligence consists of the identification of all those labor contingencies that may exist in a company, within a commercial contracting process. The objective can be twofold: Firstly, it can help us to know our legal-labor situation, so that we can preventively tackle any problems, or it can help us to obtain information about the counterparty, with whom we intend to enter into negotiations. As an example, if we discover through the Labor Due Diligence that the totality of the staff of the counterparty is in an irregular regime, it can allow the client to negotiate to reduce the price of acquisition of the above mentioned mercantile, or to desist of the same one.

We support the entrepreneur in collective bargaining agreements and company agreements to improve and preserve a regulation that is in line with the interests of the Client.

Our team will be in charge of defending the company against the sanctions that may be imposed by the Labor Inspection, filing the required appeals and even defending the company in court if necessary.

Especially those linked to the company’s results: Our team will advise you on remuneration modalities among the company’s employees, in order to adjust them to the needs of the business, as well as to implement personnel, equity, evaluation and talent loyalty policies.

The Law is extremely strict with the Employment Regulation Expedients (ERE), and its non-compliance can be very expensive for the employer, in addition to being annulled in case of contravention of such rules. Our team will make sure that the ERE is successful, trying to ensure the viability of your company.

Our team will make sure that geographic mobility or substantial modification of working conditions, whether individual or collective, are carried out in full compliance with the law, with the intention that such a business decision cannot be attacked by workers or unions.

Accompaniment, advice and defence before the Labour Inspectorate.