We have a team that specialises in labour advice on any issue related to relations within the company, whether it be labour disputes, restructuring, performance and remuneration systems, among many other aspects of labour consultancy.

The branch of labour advice deserves special attention, as personnel management is a key element for the proper functioning of the company. Assistance in all types of judicial or administrative proceedings, as well as out-of-court solutions to labour disputes, are covered by professionals who are experts in labour relations and in dealing with the bodies that supervise them.

In this area we highlight the following services:

  • We use the fastest communication systems through telematic transmission.
  • Preparation of payrolls, calculation of settlements, contracts, registrations, cancellations and variations.
  • Updating of agreements
  • Preparation of contribution bulletins. RED system
  • Declaration of withholdings
  • Accident reports, sick leave processing
  • Summaries of labour costs
  • Inspections
  • EREs
  • CMAC

ETL NEXUM we also advise you on the management of your payroll, dismissals and contracts, as well as other day-to-day issues of your company.

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