Our advice in the bankruptcy process begins when you explain the crisis that your company is going through. From the first moment we will advise you on all the possible alternatives according to your particular case.

It will always be a matter of reaching a deal with the creditors and establishing agreements with them based on feasibility plans and payment schedules. Otherwise the company will be forced to close business in an orderly manner to avoid the liability of the administration body.

In bankruptcy proceedings, in addition to the debtor or debtors, there exists the figure of the Insolvency Administrator. This is a legal professional with economic and business knowledge, appointed by the Court. He or she is responsible for managing the business crisis. This figure will defend the interests of creditors.

Our bankruptcy process service includes:

  • Analysis of the bankruptcy situation and advice in terms of capital restructuring.
  • Negotiation with the creditors of the company and creation of payment schedules based on feasibility plans agreed with the company.
  • Management and processing of bankruptcy proceedings and representation of the affected creditors.

Our Bankruptcy Procedure service will provide the smooth operation of procedures and obtaining suitable solutions to your economic problems. Much will naturally depend on the moment in the business crisis in which we begin our work. Sometimes the contribution of an industrial partner or the search for better financing are sufficient solutions; other solutions may involve a deeper process of restructuring. All this requires a high degree of specialization and professionals with knowledge in all matters related to the special area of bankruptcy: labor, tax, commercial and civil law, etc. Working in multidisciplinary teams facilitates global solutions for the company.