Recruitment of personnel involves for companies time-consuming administrative procedures, continuous contact with the Social Security, drafting of contracts, knowledge of special clauses, etc.

ETL NEXUM we take care of the registration, dismissal and termination of your employees. During these processes we also provide advice on the best solutions and the ones that mean the greatest savings for your company. We advise you on the choice of employment contracts, the differences between them and which one is best suited to your needs.

We help you in:

  • Advice and information on labour and social security matters.
  • Adjustment of remuneration in accordance with the relevant agreement
  • Advice during recruitment
  • Social Security registrations, cancellations and modifications
  • Forms 111 and 190
  • Employment contracts
  • Conciliations, CEMAC and representations

Our experts will not only optimise your current situation, they will also inform you about the bonuses applicable to your employees at any given time.

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