What is our “German Desk”?

  • ETL Global: ETL Global is an international service company of German origin, which has also been present in Spain since 2014. We are the leading consulting company for small and medium-sized companies.
  • Services: ETL Global offers a wide range of services for companies and individuals. We specialise in the areas of legal advice, tax advice and auditing.
  • Legal advice: In the field of legal advice, we specialise in particular in labour law cases, as well as in commercial and corporate law matters. Due to the complexity of Spanish law, a precise knowledge of the rules and customs is essential. With the help of our experience, we develop a strategy for your concerns in order to resolve them economically and, above all, efficiently.
  • German language: To enable you to realise your personal and business interests in a familiar linguistic environment, ETL Global has created the “German Desk”, which specialises exclusively in the needs of German-speaking companies and individuals. The German Desk ensures that the German-speaking client and the lawyer speak the same language and, most importantly, interpret what is said. This is of crucial importance in order to understand complex issues, because a misunderstanding can cost a lot of money!
  • Team: Our team consists of a total of 25 lawyers, tax advisors and auditors of German and Spanish origin.