Our tax consultancy services cover tax services for both individuals and legal entities. We accompany you throughout the entire process, from the advice itself to the processing of tax returns.

Our tax advisors analyse the needs of your company and improve the performance of your business. To do this, at ETL NEXUM we put all our resources at your disposal, protecting your interests with a team specialised in all areas of activity. We specialise in transfer pricing, corporate and inheritance tax planning, VAT, international taxation and appeals to the tax authorities.


  • Accounting review and tax filing

  • Accounting review and tax filing

  • Corporate income tax and personal income tax

  • Presentation of books and annual accounts

  • Indirect taxation (VAT, ITP and AJD…), other direct taxes and local taxation.

  • Financial, cost and balance sheet analysis

  • Non-residents in Spain

  • Tax optimisation of the remuneration of shareholders or directors

  • Tax optimisation of corporate structures

  • International tax planning

  • Due diligence * of the tax area of companies

  • Corporate restructuring transactions

  • Tax audits and research and prospecting for the purchase or sale of companies

  • Inheritance and Gift Tax


Partner – Head of the Tax Department