We help you choose the most appropriate structure for your project. More than 1000 created companies endorse us; we are experts in the creation and maintenance of companies.

The constitution of companies is a complex legal task, which is why it is always advisable to have the help of an expert. At ETL GLOBAL NEXUM we are certified by the government for the purposes of creation of companies through CIRCE and we are also accredited by PAE.

We have specialists in the constitution of companies, mainly of Capital Companies, Limited Companies (S.L.) and Joint-stock Companies (S.A.), as well as Collective Societies, Communities of Assets (C.B.) and Startups, who will advise you so that your projects flourish.

We specialize in setting up temporary joint ventures (UTE). The temporary union of companies is a temporary link that takes place between two or more companies under the mantle of a single corporate purpose.

We offer you:

  • Personal advice in the constitution of companies. At ETL GLOBAL NEXUM we deal with all cases taking into account any particularities.
  • Advice for entrepreneurs
  • Technical specialists in the creation of companies (S.L., S.A., SLNE, etc.).
  • Preparation and development of company statutes.
  • Registration in the commercial register.
  • Carrying out the necessary procedures to obtain grants.
  • Presentation and delivery of all necessary documentation.
  • Para-corporate agreements
  • We also offer the possibility of fast tracking the setting up of an S.L.; you will receive the CIF and the articles of association of your company within 48 hours.

This service facilitates the start-up of your business. Our lawyers and tax advisors guarantee a tailored, fast and professional service.

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