Business restructuring is the process of change within a company, from a fiscal and commercial point of view, with the aim of optimizing its management and taxation affairs.

We not only analyze the current commercial structure, but also advise you on how to optimize present and future taxation.

Any corporate structure, regardless of its size, must adapt to its environment and the constant changes that occur around it. The success of a company depends, in large part, on its ability to anticipate the future, adapting its commercial structure and optimizing its tax burden.

Our team of professional experts, with extensive experience in corporate restructuring, will help you anticipate possible changes in the economic and business environment that may affect your company.

At ETL GLOBAL NEXUM we provide practical solutions in business restructuring in three main areas:

  1. From a business perspective an analysis of the structure of a company or group of companies can be insightful. Knowledge of the nature of the shareholders and the type of business activity can help to harmonize them. This will help a business when change is necessary or desirable and promote smooth and orderly progress.
  2. From the fiscal and tax point of view, the restructuring of a company will seek the optimization of present and future taxation.
  3. Economic or financial restructuring.
  • Search for funding sources
  • New short and long-term financing policies
  • Restore the structure between sources of external and internal financing.

At ETL GLOBAL NEXUM we have more than 30 years of experience in corporate restructuring at all levels. For your maximum peace of mind we will analyze the present and future of your company from all points of view. We promise to give you the best solution, both from a fiscal and from a commercial point of view.