Commercial Law is part of civil law and directly and indirectly affects commercial and corporate relationships to a great extent.

Our Commercial and Corporate Law area offers all the essential advice in this area to offer a comprehensive service adapted to the needs of our client.


Company Formation

We help you choose the corporate structure that best suits your project, capital companies: Limited Companies, Joint-stock Companies. We created more than 1000 companies. We are experts in the formation and monitoring of societies. The formation of a company is a complex task at an administrative level. It is difficult to choose the best corporate model which is why it is necessary to have the help of an expert. At ETL Nexum we have specialists in the matter of company formation, whether limited companies or corporations, as well as collective societies, communities of goods, temporary joint ventures (UTE) and advice on We perform a thorough follow-up of the entire process right up to the registration of the company.

Para-corporate Agreements

Agreements between partners regulate and improve relations between them once the company has been formed. It is an indispensable addition to the bylaws of the company and consolidates its stability during its life cycle. Also called extra-statutory agreements, they act in the legal field with the same normative force as the company’s own statutes, and therefore, have the force of law. Our company team carries out a tailor-made process for the drafting of the para-corporate agreement clause by clause, to evaluate the option that most meets the needs of the partners.

Capital Increases and Reductions

It is common, after a period of time from the incorporation of a company, to carry out an expansion or reduction of capital. The reasons that cause this type of operation are varied: external investments, decapitalization of society, loans from partners, capitalization of reserves or even losses. Our team of business lawyers evaluates each case in order to develop the most beneficial strategy for the company, analyzing the commercial history of the same and advising the client on the best way to execute the operation.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) are procedures closely linked to the business strategy that consist of the grouping or purchase of companies or assets. Mergers and acquisitions can be very complex operations. ETL Nexum professionals offer a service of the highest level, applying their experience and professionalism in each case presented to them.

Company Secretarial Work

For the proper functioning of a company it is necessary to constantly update the book of minutes and partners of the company. After recent changes in regulations regarding the minutes’ and partners’ book, many companies are outdated in this respect. It is necessary to use the services of a professional who can make the relevant updates in past books and establish the parameters of future books. This service guarantees the validity of all the agreements reached in the General Meetings and the Boards of Directors.

Dissolutions and Liquidations

There are several reasons that drive partners to make the decision to dissolve and liquidate their company: the company may no longer practice its business, the company may simply shut down, the company may have suffered losses or simply by the agreement of the General Board of the partners. It is important to establish the reasons why it was decided to dissolve and subsequently liquidate a company, or if these two acts can be executed simultaneously. At ETL Nexum we establish the best working channel for achieving the dissolution and / or liquidation. Our team personally supervises the entire process from the drafting of the act of dissolution and / or liquidation agreements right up to its registration in the pertinent commercial register.

Our extensive experience in markets, both nationally and internationally, our personalized customer service, and the expertise of our professionals in all areas of commercial law, go a long way to meeting the needs of companies in this area.