Civil law is one of the broadest areas of law, which regulates human relations between natural persons or legal persons for a better coexistence in common.

We have specialist staff to provide a personalised response and manage the processing of each of the situations that our clients may present to us on a daily basis, such as the drafting of contracts, inheritance law and civil liability.

The main areas in which we offer our civil law services are:

Inheritance Law refers to the arrangement of the estate prior to death, as well as the guardianship of the inheritance rights of the heirs. Our services include the management of inheritance agreements and wills or other types of contracts in anticipation of death or survival.

We defend the interests of individuals within their family relationships, whether they are claims for alimony, benefits or sums due on the basis of substantive family law, as well as protecting the interests of spouses or partners who are seeking divorce or separation, and we also intervene in international divorces. We also handle divorces before a notary.

We intervene in proceedings of incapacitation, guardianship, curatorship, in defence of the incapacitated person, or in defence of the client who intends to revoke a situation of incapacitation, or who intends to revoke the position that may be held by a third party.

Our experts in civil contract law analyse and draft personalised contracts in accordance with the nature of the needs that exist. We draft international agency, distribution, purchase and sale, service provision and new technology contracts, as well as draw up General Terms and Conditions of Business in accordance with the mandatory legislation of the European Union. We also take care of the termination of contractual relations, trying to avoid breaches of contract that could be detrimental to the client.

Our lawyers will advise you on liability and insurance claims. We file claims against public or private bodies in order to obtain financial compensation if there is a harmful or damaging situation for the client that he/she is not obliged to bear. With special reference to claims (medical malpractice, construction, legal), traffic accidents, etc.

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