Civil Law is one of the broadest areas of law. It is one that regulates relations between individuals or legal entities.

The main areas in which we offer services are:

Right of Inheritance

Estate planning before death, as well as the protection of the inheritance rights of the beneficiaries. Our services include the drafting of wills, succession agreements or other types of contracts in anticipation of death or survival.

Family Law

We defend the interests of people in their family relationships, whether they are claims for alimony, benefits or amounts owed on the basis of substantive family law, as well as protecting the interests of spouses or common-law partners if they intend to divorce or separate; and we intervene in international divorces. We also process divorces before a notary.

Right of the People

We intervene in procedures of incapacity, guardianship, curatorship, in defense of the incapacitated, or in the defense of the client who intends to revoke a situation of incapacitation, or who intends to revoke the position that may be held by a third party.

Right of Obligations and Contracts

Our experts in contractual civil law analyze and write personalized contracts according to the nature of the needs that exist. We draw up international contracts for agency, distribution, purchase and sale, provision of services, new technologies, as well as preparing General Conditions of any Contract according to the binding legislation of the European Union. We also take care of protecting the termination of contractual relationships, trying to avoid non-compliance that could lead to a loss for the client.

Civil Liability

Our lawyers will advise you on liability and insurance claims. We make claims against public or private organizations to obtain economic compensation if there is a harmful situation for the client that he has no duty to bear; with special reference to claims such as medical malpractice, construction, legal, traffic accidents, etc…