Lawyers specialising in Cryptocurrency Advisory Services

We provide legal advice in the early stages of the creation of an Exchange, the adaptation of the Exchange to the regulations on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing and the application for registration of the Exchange with the Bank of Spain.

We adapt companies that operate with cryptocurrencies to the current regulations, with the intention of adapting them to the new European Regulations that may be approved in this field. With the future approval of the MiCa Regulation, we adapt your company to apply for the licence required by law to be able to operate with cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, we adapt your company to apply for the cryptoasset custodian, constantly monitoring the application procedure.
We carry out the necessary procedures to carry out an ICO and draft the specific general conditions of purchase for the token to be put up for sale and provide legal advice throughout the entire procedure.

ETL Nexum’s multidisciplinary team provides legal support to companies operating with cryptocurrencies in all areas of law, from the incorporation of the company to the drafting of the various technology contracts.

Cryptocurrency Legal Services for individuals and companies, with a large volume of standard or complex transactions and who want professional help.

In order to carry out transactions with cryptocurrencies we must take into account numerous legal issues that affect them, among them, the new tax obligations that are being approved at national and European level, such as the new law 11/2021 of 9 July, on measures to prevent and combat tax fraud.

  • Obligations with the Tax Agency
  • Drawing up a Compliance Plan
  • Legal implications in the buying and selling and mining of cryptocurrencies.
  • Advising on trading services, wallets, exchanges, custody, etc.
  • Legal defence in civil and criminal proceedings

Our tax law department is expert in all matters related to the blockchain world. In ETL Nexum we offer Cryptocurrency Tax services for individuals or companies that want professional help for the different taxes to declare.

  • ax advisor for your professional/business account.
  • ICO, exchange closing, scams, margin trading, leverage, loans, etc.
  • Personal income tax declaration
  • Trading operations or any financial product in the IRPF (shares, futures, options, warrants, bonds, forex, etc),