Cryptocurrency lawyers

In recent years, investments in cryptoassets, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have increased significantly, but what many investors do not know is that such investments are subject to taxation such as corporate income tax, wealth tax and income tax.

At ETL Nexum we are experts in cryptocurrencies and we have a team of lawyers specialised in advising companies, individuals and investors.

Cryptocurrency Legal Services for individuals and companies, with a large volume of standard or complex transactions and who want professional help.

In order to carry out transactions with cryptocurrencies we must take into account numerous legal issues that affect them, among them, the new tax obligations that are being approved at national and European level, such as the new law 11/2021 of 9 July, on measures to prevent and combat tax fraud.

  • Obligations with the Tax Agency
  • Drawing up a Compliance Plan
  • Legal implications in the buying and selling and mining of cryptocurrencies.
  • Advising on trading services, wallets, exchanges, custody, etc.
  • Legal defence in civil and criminal proceedings

Our tax law department is expert in all matters related to the blockchain world. In ETL Nexum we offer Cryptocurrency Tax services for individuals or companies that want professional help for the different taxes to declare.

  • ax advisor for your professional/business account.
  • ICO, exchange closing, scams, margin trading, leverage, loans, etc.
  • Personal income tax declaration
  • Trading operations or any financial product in the IRPF (shares, futures, options, warrants, bonds, forex, etc),
  • Creation of cryptocurrencies,
  • Decentralised organisations
  • Related services
An NFT is a non-fungible token that exists on a blockchain network, i.e. they are a special class of digital assets that cannot be exchanged with each other for the same value or split into smaller values like most currencies.

NFTs use blockchain contract technology to create a representation of original content that cannot be plagiarised without losing its certificate of originality.


Standard Consultation – Taxation and Blockchain

120€ + VAT

  • We call you 48h/72h

  • Visit online through Zoom or Teams

  • Experts in taxation and crypto-assets

  • Legal advice

  • Blockchain and transaction experts

Urgent Consultation – Taxation and Blockchain

200€ + VAT

  • We call you 24h

  • Online or face-to-face visit

  • Experts in taxation and crypto-assets

  • Legal advice

  • Blockchain and transaction experts

Full Crypto Manager Taxation – Legal

250€ + VAT

  • Advice on Form 720 for the specific block of cryptocurrencies.

  • Wealth Tax Advice.

  • Advice on Inheritance and Donations Tax.

  • Regular trade transactions: transfers, airdrops, donations, inheritances, income and/or expenses.

  • Advice and filing of income tax returns.