ETL Nexum advises on everything related to the Beckham Law, offering better taxation to those people who move their residence to our country for work reasons.


  • Allows you to pay property and income taxes as a non-resident during your first 6 years of residence

  • You pay taxes only for the income you earn in Spain

  • Pay a fixed rate of 24% up to the amount of €600,000

  • Avoid reporting your property and assets located abroad and paying taxes on your worldwide income and worldwide wealth

  • Avoid taxing foreign capital gains (dividends, sale of shares, interest, etc.)


  • Not having been a tax resident in Spain for the last 10 years

  • Justify the transfer of this person to Spain

  • Employed worker (own-account or self-employed workers are excluded)


  • Our tax advisors analyze your case

  • We coordinate and prepare the necessary documentation and forms

  • Processing of the 030 form, if you have not been a resident in Spain

  • We prepare the Form 149 option of the special tax regime of the Beckham Law

  • We submit the documentation by means of Form 149 to the Spanish Tax Agency

  • Our tax advisors monitor the file


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