Banking law is a set of rules that applies to the structure and operation of banking operations and those who conduct them in their personal capacity.

In recent years, this area of law has become more relevant due to abuses by credit institutions, such as the well-known floor clauses, mortgage opening clauses, etc.

Our area of banking law includes assistance to both lenders and borrowers, in all areas of legal-financial practice. To this end, we have lawyers and economists who are experts in banking law who provide a fundamental service for legal entities and individuals. Usually, managing this type of operations can be complex, which is why it is necessary to obtain the support of professionals who are experts in the sector.

Our experts have a long track record in negotiating agreements and also in providing effective and quick solutions with banks.

Highlights in:

Our lawyers present and negotiate various types of contracts, in particular those establishing obligations on companies, with the aim of avoiding risks to the economic security of the company.

We help you to apply for a stay of stay or withdrawal of foreclosure proceedings.

Our lawyers study each case to recommend the best option and the one that best suits our clients’ requirements.

This type of mortgage is considered a complex financial product, so it is a product that should only be offered to a very qualified client profile. If this is not the case, you should be duly informed of the financial risks of this product. If this is not the case, you can take a series of actions to claim back the amounts that have been overpaid. Our lawyers, experts in banking law, will accompany you throughout the process, explaining the different ways in which you can recover your money.

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