The LOPD (Organic Law on Data Protection) is a law that aims to protect the processing of personal data with regard to natural persons and fundamental rights.

The correct adaptation to the LOPD is vital for those companies that constantly handle personal data, emails, personal telephone numbers, addresses, etc. For a company’s customers it is more important than it seems to know that their personal data is protected and transmitting them this peace of mind is an added value.

ETL Global Nexum’s team of lawyers will help you to analyse the structure of the data used in your company and adapt it to a data protection policy in order to avoid any type of legal problem, as well as any sanction that the current regulations may impose.

We can help you in:

  • Analysis of the previous situation: Our LOPD experts analyse the current failures that your company incurs in the daily use of private data, with the aim of modifying procedures where necessary.
  • Audit: we carry out LOPD audits to update the company’s situation in this area.
  • Drafting of security documents.
  • Drafting of confidentiality clauses.
  • Drafting of service provision documents.
  • Information and consent clauses in the collection of customer data.

At Nexum ETL Global, we have a long track record in the area of data protection at all levels. We analyse from all points of view and are committed to giving you the solution that best suits your needs.